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Grossman St. Amour CPAs provides advice in the related areas of insurance, investments, income taxes, college education, retirement and trust and estate planning. If you desire financial stability and success, taking control of your financial future is essential. Our financial planners can assist you with these important financial planning needs.

Our experienced professionals can also assist you in retirement distribution planning by explaining the myriad of choices, preparing the necessary paperwork, and coordinating your wishes with the custodian of your funds.  There are decisions that you must make when you reach age 72-73 (depending on when you turned 72) and have to begin making distributions from your retirement accounts.  Beneficiary designations, as well as recalculation vs. non-recalculation of life expectancy elections made at this time, will determine the amount and timing of distributions during your lifetime, the ultimate disposition of your retirement assets, and the future taxation to those that receive the money after your death.

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