What to Do if You Missed the Tax Day Deadline

Did you miss the 2022 tax filing deadline? For most taxpayers, that was April 18, 2023. Taxpayers who are expecting a refund won’t be penalized for late filing. But those who owe taxes (and don’t qualify for an exception) will be charged penalties and interest for late filing and late payment. An extension to file provides an additional six months with a new filing deadline of October 16th.   Penalties and interest apply to taxes owed after April 18 and interest is charged on tax and penalties until the balance is paid in full.   The IRS encourages late filers to limit penalties and interest by filing soon and paying as much as possible. If you can’t pay what you owe, file anyway so you can eliminate the failure-to-file penalty.  Click here to find out more.  Contact us for help filing.

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