Syracuse, NY – February, 2016 – Grossman St. Amour CPAs helped to fill Jada’s bucket list last week by hosting a special Valentines party for her.  Jada visited the accounting firm at 9th Floor, Lincoln Center where she received tons of love and attention from everyone.  She was presented with toys, treats, and supplies to take back to her buddies at HumaneCNY.

Jada’s Story

Jada was rescued on January 5th and was quickly recovering, but then was diagnosed with cancer. The animal shelter’s staff created a bucket list for Jada to help her live out her remaining days. “We were so excited to have her here, said Lisa Clark Sova, accountant at Grossman St. Amour CPAs. Everyone got to spend a few minutes petting and playing with her. Overall, the bucket list idea has drawn attention to animal cruelty and we hope it serves to make life better for other animals.”

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