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By Gary A. Grossman, CPA, CFP

After finishing college, and upon entering the workforce, there are financial pearls of wisdom that you should consider.  My list includes:

1.  Starting a retirement plan
2. Understanding how to improve your investment’s rate of return
3.  Options for financing a car
4.  Purchasing or renting a home
5.  What to read
6.  Compound interest

Let’s start the discussion with “Starting a Retirement Plan”.

Funding a retirement plan throughout your life is one way to become rich.   Starting to fund a plan when you first start working will “turbocharge” your investments.   Here is an example:

In addition, many employers will match part of your contribution.  This is a big incentive to save.

Do yourself a favor.  Start funding a retirement plan as soon as you can to “turbocharge” the amount it will grow.

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