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Gary A. Grossman, CPA, CFP

A record crowd is expected at the 2019 Everson Annual Summer Picnic, where Gary A. Grossman, CPA, CFP and Clifford Malzman will be awarded the Everson Medal.   The sold out event will be held June 20th at 6:00 p.m.  The Everson Medal recognizes those who have shaped Syracuse and Central New York through their gifts of leadership and strong conviction that the arts and creative expression enhance our quality of life.

See Gary and Cliff’s interview with Carrie Lazarus, for The Conversation which was televised on Channel 9 on June 13.

Read Stan Linhorst’s article about Gary Grossman on leadership, which was posted online in the CNY Conversation on June 4.

The Everson Museum of Art will also present the Everson Lifetime Achievement Award to Dotty Pearl.  This award recognizes those who have served the Everson Museum in a volunteer position for two decades or more.  The Distinguished Service Award will be presented to Fouad Dietz, for exemplifying superb service to the Everson Museum.

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